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TESOL 2011

CALL & Higher Education InterSection


"Building Effective Intercultural Communication in Online Courses"

   Saturday, March 19, 10:00-11:45 am


Technology Showcase Room  R01
Ernest N. Morial Convention Center



Session Abstract:

Online language courses are increasingly involving students from around the world. This InterSection will discuss how to develop practical and pedagogically sound online courses and activities that help students develop their intercultural communication skills. Topics will include challenges to online communications, strategies for overcoming them, and training teachers for this environment.


10:00-10:05 am

Introductions—Dawn Bikowski, CALL-IS Chair-Elect

Ohio University, USA, bikowski@ohio.edu


10:05-10:25 am

Sandy Wagner, CALL-IS Past Chair

 Defense Language Institute, Monterey, USA, sandra.wagner@us.army.mil


Identifying and Addressing Intercultural Challenges in Online Communications

Online communication and interactions constitute the preferred and necessary component for distance learning, involving participants from countries and cultures worldwide. With this diversity in collaborative partners comes the potential for misunderstandings and challenges in intercultural communications.  The presenter will address the types of miscommunications that occur in these computer-mediated communications (CMC) and ways to address them, incorporating H. Ned Seelye’s model for effective intercultural communications and practical applications.




10:25-10:45 am

Debbie East, HE-IS Chair-elect


Indiana University


Fostering intercultural communication in online language teacher education courses


Given the variety of technology tools available today, language education is in an exciting time. These new interactive technologies (such as Skype or Google Voice) as well as what is now considered old technology tools allow students to interact with people from many different countries for the purposes of language learning. Yet, teachers need training in helping students with this type of learning. This presentation will discuss how online teacher education courses can help pre-service teachers develop intercultural communication strategies as they navigate this multi-cultural landscape.




10:45-11:05 am

Geoff Lawrence

OISE/University of Toronto, Canada, geoff.lawrence@utoronto.ca


Building Investment and Community in Intercultural Online Learning Communities


Sharing experiences from a transnational collaborative wiki writing project between ESL Toronto learners and EFL Dubai learners, Geoff will discuss lessons learned along with a pedagogical framework to build intercultural awareness in online language learning communities.  The potential of this framework will be discussed including its ability to maximize student investment, classroom community and to encourage reflection on language and intercultural learning using online environments. 




11:05-11:25 am

Dawn Bikowski

Ohio University, USA, bikowski@ohio.edu  [bio]


Fostering Intercultural Communication in Project-Based Telecollaborative Exchanges


The presenter will discuss research and her experiences with project-based telecollaborative exchanges between international partners (e.g., the US, Thailand, Liberia, Germany, Mexico, and Poland). Considerations for setting up, structuring, maintaining, and assessing these projects will be discussed, as will insights about student training for these types of projects.




Presentation 2



11:25 -11:30 am

Summing Up— Dawn Bikowski


11:30 -11:45 am Question and Answer Period



CALL IS Chair Elect: Dawn Bikowski


Higher Education Chair Elect: Debbie East


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