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Materials Writers CALL InterSection 2011

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TESOL 2011

CALL and Materials Writers Interest Sections


"Challenges and opportunities in designing new multimedia ELT materials"

Saturday, March 19, 2:00-3:45 pm



Technology Showcase Room R01

Ernest N. Morial Convention Center 



Session Abstract:

This intersection will address the challenges and opportunities facing writers of instructional packages that integrate traditional (textbook) and new (computer-based) media. The speakers, all creators of innovative multimedia materials, will demonstrate their work and discuss the pedagogical and technical issues that concern the integration of new and traditional media.



2:00-2:05 pm

Introductions—Lida Baker, Materials Writers IS Chair-Elect

University of California Los Angeles, USA, lbaker@ucla.edu


2:05-2:25 pm

Randall Davis

University of Utah, USA, eslrandall@yahoo.com  [bio]


The Nuts and Bolts of Digital Materials Design

This segment of the presentation will provide on overview on the role of technology in supporting, not supplanting, sound pedagogical approaches in the materials development process. It will then share with attendees a number of hardware devices and software applications for recording multimedia used in the design of traditional and digital instructional content.



2:25-2:45 pm

Jennifer Lebedev

Independent Contractor, USA, jenniferlebedev@gmail.com [bio]


Using Online Opportunities to Overcome Challenges in Materials Design
How has the Internet changed ELT materials design? Who is a materials writer today and how different have learners' expectations become? How difficult is it to find a platform and use online tools to create instructional materials? This segment of the presentation will address three sets of challenges and offer specific tools to match each set of needs. Both experienced and emerging writers will gain insight.


Handout for J. Lebedev's presentation


2:45-3:05 pm

Maggie Sokolik

University of California, Berkeley, College Writing Programs, sokolik@berkeley.edu  [bio] 

The Textbook is Dead, Long Live the Textbook

This presentation examines a model of materials development that no longer has a paper textbook at its center, but as a part of a larger interconnected system of digital and paper resources. A new model of materials development must be scalable and integrate different types of materials: phone applications, eBooks, web resources, games, and print books, to leverage the affordance of each, and to allow instructors and programs the flexibility to design curricula that match the levels of access and technical expertise of the students and staff.

3:05-3:25 pm

Sarah Worthington

Educational Consultant, USA, sarahworthington@hotmail.com  [bio]


Digital Trends and Traditions

Is there already a “traditional” approach to digital materials? What do these materials look like and what is it like to work with these products? What directions are these materials moving toward?  The presenter will discuss the basics of writing, editing and managing digital content for both print-driven and exclusively digital publishers. She’ll highlight the multimedia products teachers have responded to the most and review materials which break the “traditional” mode or which successfully integrate technology and content.



3:25-3:45 pm

Question and Answer Period 




Materials Writers contact:

Lida R. Baker lbaker@ucla.edu


CALL-IS contact:

Dawn Bikowski: bikowski@ohio.edu


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